Booking Form, Rates & Payment Info

Things to Bring  for                                                                                                     Groups Leaders to Bring
Individuals    to Bring                                                                                                   FOOD – TEA TOWELS
 SLEEPING BAG  - TOWEL                                                                                       FIRST AID KIT (a basic kit is provided

 TOILET KIT – INDOOR FOOTWARE                                                                                         and can be found in the Kitchen )                                                   

 ANY PERSONAL MEDICATION                                                                                                               

If you have any questions about these Conditions of Use please contact the Administgrator 

Telephone 01564 774459 or Email

Important  Notice to  ALL USERS.  

The Main Entrance doors are fitted with a ‘Mortise’ deadlock requiring a key to operate and spring type ‘Night latch’.  Once the House is opened and occupied the Mortise deadlock MUST be left UNLOCKED AT ALL TIMES.  When Main Entrance security is required during the day and when visitors stay over night ONLY the NIGHT LATCH must be used.  The mortise deadlock should only be locked from the outside when the House is being left Unoccupied for any period during hire or on final departure. On Final departure please ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked as appropriate before returning Main Entrance keys as instructed.

Please ensure that any members of your Group who have a HEART PACEMAKERS,  Defibrulator or similar  are aware that a HIGH POWER INDUCTION HOB is use in the KITCHEN.  

                                           Other Terms of Use

St Swithin’s House Trust will provide a clean bed sheet and pillow case to be fitted by user. At the end of  hire please remove both pillow case and bed sheet (leave mattress cover unless soiled) and leave on bench in  Main Reception.  

 2.   Groups must originate from a bona fide church organisation, Christian Union or similar Christian based assemblies  

       etc. OR  applicants must be connected with Barston Parish Church or be a parishioner of Barston. 

 3.   All groups must have mature and responsible leadership staying with the group throughout. 

 4.   Mixed male/female groups must have responsible leaders of both sexes, 

 5.   Groups using St Swithin’s House are asked to be considerate at all times to the village residents living near to the 

       House, and especially at night. 

 6.    Groups are required to observe the strict No Smoking rule at all times within the House and Games room. 

 7.    Damages and breakages, however caused, are the responsibility of the group in residence and must be reported 

        to the   Administrator, and if required, paid for on final invoice covering visit. 

8.    The Trust will do its best to honour firm bookings, but regrets that if, for reasons beyond its control, the cancellation

       of  a  booking becomes necessary then it accepts no liability beyond the return of any deposits/booking fees paid. 

9.    Any personal items left in the House /grounds after you visit that are not claimed within 3 months will be disposed of. 

10.  Group Leaders who bring children and young people under the age of 18 years are required to have their

      own signed Child Protection Policy and Procedures document in place reflecting the nature of their work and

      that Leaders have been cleared by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) . 

11.   The ‘Second Floor  Room’  has now been restricted for use by outside groups.  Only those people with keys  may access this floor. 

12.   Although inspected and PAT tested annually as required, House users are requested to check any portable electrical equipment provided by the Trustees          to ensure safety of use.  Any portable electrical appliances taken into the House by House guests must be PAT tested and passed

13.  The use of candles or any other naked flame is not permitted in the house at any time.

14 . Leaders must accept responsibility for their group’s activities within the House and ensure that all of their

       party are aware of Emergency Fire Exit Routes and the operation of Fire Escape doors.  The identified Fire

       Door MUST be kept closed at all times and Exit routes left un-obstructed. Smoke detectors must must not be 

       obstructed.   Leaders must complete the Fire Evacuation ROLL CALL RECORD FORM to be found hanging  near the Control Panel in the Entrance hall.             Important information for your safety is contained in the House. Users Instruction which includes the operation of the Fire  Alarm System and locations            of water stop cocks and Electrical switchgear. A copy of these instructions can be found in the main entrance Hall. 

15.   Any changes to our Conditions of Use are retrospectively applicable to House users even if amended after  a  booking is made and  prior to  guests             staying or visiting.

THE TRUSTEES AND MANAGEMENT OF ST SWITHIN'S HOUSE TRUST cannot accept responsibility for any activities undertaken by those hiring the House and Hirers are asked to ensure that their own Public Liability Insurance is arranged to cover against any claim made against them in respect of any activity that they are responsible for, any equipment they bring onto the premises or any damage caused to the premises