Booking Tariff for St Swithins House - Jan 2022

Residential Stay  (Maximum 20 people)                             Cost per person                            Min Charge

Full Weekend  (from 6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday)                  £35 per/weekend                               £350

Short Weekend  (from 6pm Friday to 10:30am Sunday)        £30  per/weekend                              £300

Friday night only (6pm to 1:30pm Saturday)                           £24 per person                                  £240

Saturday night only (6pm to 1:30pm Sunday)                         £24 per person/night                         £240

Sunday - Thursday (6pm to 1:30 next day)                             £20 per person/night                         £200

Additional Afternoon/Evening Sessions                                  £30 per group

Additional Day Guests for Residential                                    Groups £3

Non Residential Charges per Group per Session                                                            

Session Times                                               Number in Group >               1 - 20       21 - 40      41 - 60

Morning      9:00am -  13:00pm                      Mon. - Fri.  Sessions Cost         £54          £62            £72

Afternoon   13:30pm - 17:30pm                     Sat. -   Sun Sessions Cost         £62          £77            £103 

Evening      18:00pm - 10:00pm

Booking Deposits   Required                         Residential Stays  £50                        Non Residential  £30

Church Urban Priority Areas (CUPA)  If your Church/Groups is in a CUPA area you may be eligible for a 25% discount

BBQ Area Use  - This is free to groups staying overnight during the week and at weekends.

                             Any additional guests not staying overnight with the groups are charged at   £3.50 per person.

                              Use of BBQ by Non Residential groups        £30 plus £3.50 per guest  BBQ Fuel Not Included

                              BBQ use included access to the Kitchen, Toilet block, 

                              Games Room and use of Garden Furniture.  (Approx. 30 Chairs & 8 Tables)       Minimum Charge £65

Cancellation Fees -  Within 7 days of   Booking date - MINIMUM Charge

                                   Within 28 days of Booking date - HALF MINIMUM Charge

                                   All other cancellations subject to loss of deposit

Under some circumstances it may be possible to transfer a confirmed booking providing a minimum

3 months notice is given.  This normally would not incur any cancellation fee or loss of deposit.


Payment of Booking Deposits or Invoices should be made payable to St Swithin’s House Trust and

sent by post to:-                                                                       or by online Banking to 

            The Treasurer                                                             St Swithins House Trust

            St Swithins House Trust                                              Sort Code      30 - 97 - 78

            C/o 3, Froxmere Close                                                Account No.   01065863


            Wes Mids

            B91 3XG

            Please identify your payments by either Group Name or Invoice number